Internet Marketing Warfare – Team Mac or Team PC


As internet marketers we are probably at our computers and online as much as anyone is. I have to believe I put in more computer hours than most of my friends…well at least the ones who aren’t internet marketers. Since I spend so much time on a computer I feel I have more knowledge into hardware than the average computer user. I am certainly not an expert though, so I won’t be throwing around benchmark numbers or technical details. What I am, is a guy who has used a wide variety of tools, for a wide variety of reasons.

I have come to the conclusion …I am team Mac.

Yes, I know, Windows lovers and Linux geeks are all collectively rolling their eyes. I am nothing but a sheep who has fallen in with the cult of overpriced Macs. Maybe …but more likely I spend so much time with my computer I KNOW what I like. On top of that – my Mac is an old Power Pc G5 that I bought for 0! I threw in another 0 of RAM and I was ready to go. This cheap set up actually blows my brothers much newer PC out of the water.

There are some down sides though, I am not a Mac zombie so I can easily admit that things are’n’t totally peachy.
The biggest downside is that some software is’n’t available for Mac. Making this even worse, is the fact I have a Power PC so some newer Mac software does’n’t even play well with my computer. For me the positives outweigh that though. Being an internet marketer, who is also a bit of a music collector – I sometimes have to go to the less desirable areas of the internet. My Mac has yet to pick up a virus or spyware. I have zero bulky security programs running as well.

I also find that some of the Mac specific programs I do have, trump their PC equivalent. For example:

1. Pages – This is basically the Mac version of Word – I find it much easier to use, and I find it the perfect tool to create media rich PDFs. I don’t think Word can compare in that regard.
2. Transmit – Hands down the best FTP software I have ever used. It is a paid program but worth every cent.
3. ArtText – A graphics program that allows you to create great 3D text as well as other shapes (buttons etc…)
4. Keynote – This is basically the Mac version of Power-point. I find it significantly easier to use, and out of the box it just seems easier to create really eye catching presentations, and more importantly for me – videos.

These 4 programs did’n’t sway me on their own but I do feel like they have become indispensable. I do get frustrated when their are programs without Mac support, but I have almost always been able to find a Mac alternative. I did’n’t break the bank to go Mac, I don’t worry about viruses for the most part and I find the entire layout on a Mac more intuitive. Is is the right choice for everyone? Probably not. It WAS the right decision for me though.